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bunting dishes

As a new convert to camping, I originally spent hours online trying to find ideas and inspiration for our camping trips. Firstly, I needed hardcore info on the gear I would need to survive out there with my husband and three small boys, but I also wanted something more. I wanted to be able to build a campsite each time we went camping that made everyone happy to be there. I love being outside, but I also like to be really comfortable. I like to feed my friends and family well and I want everything to look great. It’s a particular approach to camping that I found hard to find inspiration for, mainly because people think it’s slightly OTT I expect! But why have a tin of baked beans for breakfast when you can have shakshuka and soft fried eggs? Why use a headtorch when you can use hanging lanterns to light your way? And why not throw a sheepskin rug down so that your toes hit something warm and welcoming first thing in the morning? My man used to camp and could fit everything he needed in a backpack. I need the world’s largest Volvo and a roofbox and even then we only just manage to squeeze the kids in each time. I don’t pack light!

So, with a gentle shove from one of my blogging friends, I decided to set up campfirestyle.com. Having worked in magazine publishing for 20 years until leaving to have my boys, I guess it makes sense to turn all my ideas, imaginings and scraps of paper into something more. So here you’ll find some great ideas, wonderful stuff and some fun ways to inject a little style into your space around the campfire.

Welcome and thanks for visiting!


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