Label Your Camping Crockery


Porcelain pens

Yes, yes, I said crockery. I don’t like paper plates and plastic cutlery. I could explain why, but it would descend into a bit of a whinge. So, I have a collection of enamelware, which I take on every camping trip. Plenty of my friends have also succumbed to the allure of an enamel mug or two (does anything else really say ‘camping’ like enamel?). As the days go on everyone’s collections become communal which is great. But this does mean we all lose or gain random pieces. Plenty of people rely on a blob of nail polish, but I find it chips off as fast as painted nails on an East End night out. And microchipping is possibly excessive. What to do …?

Porcelain pens: The. Answer. They work, are cheap and are available online. Just write your name, or draw a picture and leave it to dry for four hours. Heat fix in an un-preheated oven for 60 minutes at 190 degrees C, then cool down fully in the oven (some may work differently, so check first). Voila!

Enamelware, never to be lost again

Enamelware, never to be lost again

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