Eggs for Breakfast


Hop & Peck Tractor Egg Cup

So it’s been a little while since I was able to post as my computer was a casualty of a small house flood caused by one of our little residents. But I’m back now, and thought I’d kick things off with these gorgeous little wooden egg cups by Hop & Peck. These are great to take camping, especially if you and your kids like dipping soldiers into gooey eggs. They pack flat, are light, and when you’re not using them, they could easily serve as a great addition to any bunting you have hanging around. Seriously, how cute!


Hop & Peck Scooter Egg Cup


Hop & Peck Rocket Egg Cup

Hop & Peck is based in Essex and each piece is handmade, hand finished and sourced from sustainable Oak. Simple. Clever. Functional. I think these Egg Cups (from £15 each) certainly fit the bill. Check out the Hop & Peck website here.


Hop & Peck Bunny Ears Egg Cup

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