Turn Up The Volume On Your iPad


Camping is a great time to disconnect from the world, but sometimes a little bit of iPad action is a wonderful thing. Like when it’s pouring with rain. Or freezing cold. Or when you can’t get your kids to settle in the tent. Or all of the above! The only problem is that you can barely hear the sound on those things and you spend your time going: “What …? What did he say?” But flicking around the internet one day I discovered this Amplifiear. It’s a cute little thing that simply slips on to the side of your iPad. It increases the sound level 10 decibels by amplifying and projecting the sound towards anyone listening. It’s even 100% recyclable. It comes in 6 colours and there are foam pads so it’ll fit on every model. It’s $US24.99 and is available from here. Cute, huh!


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