Lemon, Lime & Bitters: A Refreshing Drink

Camping, when you’re lucky, can be hot work. Even here in the UK you could be hit with a day out of the blue when something refreshing is needed post-tent raising and pre-fire lighting. And this is it. Strangely though, over here it seems as well known as a beach extra from the first episode of Neighbours. It deserves a whole lot more attention I can assure you, and is much loved by us Aussies.

Here’s the what:

Angostura Bitters

Lemonade (I like to pack a couple of cases of 150ml cans of Schweppes. There are 12 little cans in each case)

Lime Cordial

Ice (I have a Coleman Xtreme cooler which keeps ice for five days)

Lemon lime bitters

Here’s the how:

Over ice, pour in lime cordial (as much as you would if you were mixing with water, so not too much that it’s over-powering). Add a slice or two of fresh lime if you have any to hand. Add four to five splashes of Angostura Bitters, then pour in a 150ml can of Lemonade. Stir with a straw.

Grab a little helper to hand them around, cos you’ll be busy making more for anyone who catches sight of one!

Cy with drinkP.S. As you can imagine, this also works very well with a splash of vodka too, if the occasion requires ….!

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