Great Camping Kit

Nest Plus - 9 Multicoloured - Stacked

One of the first pieces of camping kit I bought was a stack of food prep bowls by Joseph Joseph, an incredibly cool and clever English design company established in 2003 by brothers Richard and Antony Joseph. They’ve been absolutely brilliant and have saved the day on numerous camping trips when we’re tried to drain enough pasta for 14 kids. And then serve it! Now there’s a new Nest stack called the 9 Plus which comes with two mixing bowls, five measuring cups (which I’ve also used as mini-serving bowls for herbs and nuts and things like that), a stainless steel mesh sieve and a large colander. I never camp without mine.

But I’ve got my eye on a couple more things now too, like the Fold Flat Grater, because well, it folds flat and it’s got a brilliant corner handle so you can grate veg, cheese or nuts directly over your food really easily.

And then there’s this funky Wash & Drain with an integrated plug which will also strain for food particles so it’s easy to pop them in a bin bag, big handles and high sides which would also make washing up pretty easy when camping. I reckon it could be really handy.

Washing up bowl_31990_Green


Visit their site. It’s fun to see what the other things they’ve come up with. Let me know what you buy!

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