Caravan Camping Hotel Style

kleine Schwester_aussen

I appreciate that not everyone takes to the idea of camping under canvas with unbridled glee, but it’s pretty hard to resist a gorgeously rescued retro caravan. And if anyone has their doubts about sleeping al fresco, you could always book a weekend with friends to the delightful Huettenpalast Hotel in Berlin. Housed in a big old factory hall, there is a huge space which has three caravans and three cabins. There are sweet communal areas so you can easily socialise around the campervans. There’s also a charming street-side cafe and more traditional hotel rooms if you fancy. Prices start at €65 for a double. Not a bad way to ease people into the idea …

Berg&Tal aussen 4023HB & Schwalbe aussen 4090Herzensbrecher_innenSchwalbennest aussen 4105kleine Schwester_innen

Photos by Jan Brockhaus

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