Gear by Gelert

I was looking around for some cool camping kit today and stumbled upon a couple of things at Gelert which instantly caught my eye. One is this collapsible Fold-Away 2 litre silicon kettle. As much as I love my enamel kettle (sigh), the handle gets super hot and you can never quite tell when it’s boiling. Nothing too tragic, I know. But this little baby whistles when it’s ready! So no more checking and no more wasting gas. The silicon handles and lid are heat resistant and you can take the lid off for easy cleaning. This also means you can use the pan for something else, like whipping up scrambled eggs for two after your cup of tea. £19.99 from here.

Their other product which tickled my fancy was their new Beech Double Chair. If hitting the outdoors brings out your romantic side, this is perfect. Extra-wide with extra-padded seats, it supposedly folds and unfolds easily and it comes with its own carry bag. £124.99 from here. There’s even a single armchair as well if you wanted to get a whole living room vibe going on ….

Gelert Beech Double Chair

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