Camping Beauty: Benefit

lemon aid

No girl wants, needs or should pack a full bag of makeup for camping. That said, no girl wants to be confronted with a tired, red, dull face in the mirror the morning after a night in a tent either. So, my mission with these Camping Beauty posts is to find truly great little beauty and skincare products that deserve to come along. Now lemon aid by Benefit is definitely one such product. I’ve used it for years and it lives in my handbag. I take it camping too. A tiny bit bigger than a 50p piece, this gem of a cream is a soft, lemon yellow cream which helps to hide redness and any discolouration on your eyelids. You don’t need Cate Blanchett’s skin tone either as it just lightly brightens lids. You can wear it with or without makeup and it will have you looking properly refreshed in a snap. And I really mean that. Even if you have nothing else to hand, no foundation, no mascara, one go with this and your whole face looks better. Just blend a tiny bit on your eyelids with your fingers and you’re away. It lasts forever, there’s a mirror in the compact (we’ve all stayed in campsites with no mirrors…) and it’s £16.50. You can buy it here.

Looking at the Benefit website this morning, I also came across this product called You Rebel. This would accompany the lemon aid  really well and you’d be done for the day with very little effort. It’s a tinted moisturiser which will give you light coverage (there’s also a You Rebel Lite option). It moisturises, contains vitamins A and B and is SPF 15. You can apply it with your fingertips as well, so no brushes or other paraphernalia required. It’s £24.50 and you can buy it here.

You Rebel

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