Coastal Camping


All that talk of seafood paella earlier got me thinking about the many joys of camping near the sea. Hailing from Sydney as I do, it’s hard for me to contemplate any holiday from London that doesn’t involve the coast in some way. A couple of weeks ago I took the boys to Aldeburgh in Suffolk to stay with a canny camper and master fun-time ringleader I know. Right on the coast, we got to enjoy things like the kids finding a starfish in the sea. And a divine lobster and prawn lunch bought directly from the fisherman. It’s about as close as I can get to giving my kids a taste of the kind of long, sunny weekends outside that I had as a Sydney kid.


One of the highlights was a late afternoon crabbing trip in Walberswick. I don’t know who had more fun, the kids or me! My friend had everything we needed: lines, hooks, bacon, crabbing nets and buckets. Even reward marshmallows. Here is where I would normally tell you the ins and outs of crabbing, but the far better thing to do would be to send you to my clever friend’s blog: Daisy & Finn’s Party Ideas. She’s got everything you need to know about planning a successful crab hunting expedition.

And to you brave UK campers who booked a coastal campsite months ago and got rewarded with a freaky heatwave, I say way to go! I’m planning a trip now, so save some space for us. Brave the coast campers. Brave the coast!




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