Thrifty Nifty Camping Gear


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho’s a pretty camper? Got some great little goodies from a recent raid on my local 99p and Poundland that would be ideal for keeping you looking like a professional camper, unfazed by anything the outdoors hurls your way. And none of these cost more than £3 ….

This teeny, weeny little manicure set is a great thing to take along. Everyone breaks a nail, or in my kid’s case, gets dirt under his nails that is impossible to shift. It may seem OTT, but the number of times I’ve been asked for nail clippers almost equals the number of times I’ve been asked to pass a beer.

We camp with those chamois-feeling little travelling towels, mainly because they pack down small and dry quickly. But let’s face it, they’re not the most brilliant of things. And as for drying off hair, they’re practically useless. But this little hair towel is brilliant. Soft, absorbent and small, it’s a great thing to throw into your toiletries bag. You wrap it around like you would when you use a normal towel, but it has a little button to secure it in place. (My little model charged me a whole packet of skittles to model this very girlie pink towel …..)



And lastly, this cute little camping mirror (which does come in other colours) which can stand up or hang in your tent or on a tree …


Venture forth and be fabulous campers!

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