Out There: Camp in the Grand Canyon

havasu 3Havasupai Fallshavasu-overviewhavasu 6

We all know how stunning the Grand Canyon is, but did you know you can camp there? The campsite is at Havasu Falls near Supai, Arizona and is the sacred home to the Havasupai Indians, the “people of the blue-green water”. Campers set out from Hualapai Hilltop and hike a 10 mile trail through rock canyons to the campsite (although you can catch a helicopter, horse ride in or have donkeys carry your gear). Supai is the only place in the Grand Canyon still inhabited by native people and it’s from here you can visit the four local waterfalls: Navajo, Havasu, Mooney and Beaver Falls.

The waters are turquoise thanks to the high levels of magnesium in the water and you can swim in the pristine travertine pools and hike along the many river beds. Seriously beautiful. Makes you want to get out there. See here for more information.


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