Camping Gear: The Cacoon Chair

Boutique-Camping-Cacoon-5-Natural-White-600x732Boutique-Camping-Cacoon-1a-ChilliRed-600x657This is the Cacoon chair. When I look at great stuff like this, it reminds me about all the things I love when I take my boys camping. Can you imagine how much fun they would have hanging around in one of these?! Hell, how much fun would have?!!

Cacoons are made by a husband and wife team who normally make sails for ocean-going yachts and have already worked on structures for The Eden Project and Alpine House in Kew Gardens. Obviously these kind of creative pursuits involves some travel, and on a trip to Mexico while seeking inspiration for a post-treatment relaxation chair by The Scarlet Hotel and spa  in Cornwall, they happened upon a colony of weaver birds busy making tiny woven hanging nests. You can see what happened next!

The Cacoon comes in two sizes: single and double. The single folds down to a small 20cm x 70cm with the double coming in at 80cm. So wouldn’t you like to hang one in a tree on your next camping trip? But you can also hang them indoors too, or hang them on a specially designed tripod.

The single are £225, the doubles are £325 and the tripods are £300. You can buy them here or read their blog to keep up! And they come in five different colours and you can even order bespoke designs as well.

So how much fun could you guys have in one of these?!



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