Friday Foodies: Green Kitchen Stories

Portobello_burgerI’ve been thinking a lot about how to generate useful camping-related posts here ever since someone hit the Autumn button in London and the temperature dropped rapidly. While I have camped in some chilly conditions before, I’m certainly not geared up for winter camping expeditions like, say, uber camper Martin Dorey. And I’m no Bear Grylls. I like to be warm and comfortable, as you can probably tell by my approach to camping!

So I have devised a loose plan to get us all through the northern winter. The next few months will be about stockpiling ideas and gear, inspiration and bits and pieces that will be ready and waiting for when we’re all ready to pitch our tents again. I’ll be cooking and sourcing fabulous camping food you’ll want to cook. And I’ll be seeking out the best, most stylish and incredibly useful gear for around the campfire.

What you’re reading now is FRIDAY FOODIES. I spend many an enjoyable hour cruising around the internet reading great food, design, architecture, travel, fashion and lifestyle blogs. I read a lot. But food is probably my favourite topic of late. And rather than attempting to recreate some of the already superb recipes I find, I’m going to curate a vibrant, delicious collection of them and introduce you to some of my most-loved blogs. They’ll be dishes you can eat now, but will always work on a campsite and over a campfire. Enjoy them and let me know what you think!

The first in this new collection is from Green Kitchen Stories. Created by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, their blog, cookbook and Green Kitchen app are wonderful showcases for their stunning-yet-simple vegetarian food. They’re the kind of seemingly effortlessly calm and successful couple most of us can only aspire to be. What started on a small dance floor in Rome some years ago, has become a fulfilling and rich shared life revolving around their little daughter Elsa and glorious, brave, healthful and exciting food. These two lean heavily on their Swedish and Danish roots and if you don’t know anything about Scandinavian food, you’re in for a real treat. These people from the north seriously know how to eat!

Read their blog, buy their book and cook these divine burgers. Click here for the recipe.




Photos by Johanna Frankel

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