Camping gear: Wood & Faulk

w&f campstool_2w&f campstool_3w&f campstool_1w&f campstool_4stool

Designer, craftsman and self-confessed tinkerer Matt Pierce originally started his blog as a record of his projects, a space to share ideas and as a forum to discuss “building things and projects and stuff we all like”.  It wasn’t long before he, and loads of other people, realised he was on to something and Wood & Faulk, the brand, was born. One look at his stunning flagship tripod campstool shows just how good this guy is. It’s made from ash and English bridle leather.


My other favourite piece, and something for the Real Man in your life, is this brilliant Heritage Charcuterie Sheath. As Matt writes on his blog: “Have you ever found yourself out and about, realising that you could really use a bite of cured meat? Let’s say you’re on a date with a delightful vegetarian and decide to just eat salad for dinner, but later have a craving for hand-crafted salami? You’re in the office, meetings out the wazoo and can’t take a break. Maybe it’s just a weekend canoe trip with your buddies. You want to carry a snack, but you need both hands free to launch the boats. Now there’s no problem. You can have cured meat on your belt AT ALL TIMES.”

Well, exactly

w&f charcuterie_001w&f charcuterie_002w&f charcuterie_005

Have a look – there’s loads of other great things too. Glass jackets, bags, wallets and more. Great stuff. And if you take a look on his blog now, his latest post will show you how to make your very own archer’s quiver!

Thanks to Matt for use of the gorgeous pictures. You’re a right, proper artist.

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