Camping gear: Artilleriet daybed



In 1962 Danish designer Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen designed this divine safari daybed for his son who was heading off on a camping trip. Still in production now, once you’ve had a bit of practice you can set this bed up in about 2 minutes. It comes in a handy bag with a shoulder strap and while brilliant for a seriously stylish camping trip, as you can see, it’ll work just a perfectly as a sunbed, daybed or guest bed. There are no screws required. The legs are tightened with rope and it’s made of beech wood, natural-coloured linen and sisal rope. Beautiful.


You can buy it from the achingly cool Swedish design store Artilleriet. You can order it here.

But before you fork out for the daybed, have a close look at these yummy Sika Renoir hanging egg chairs.

bamboo swingbamboo swing 2

Sometimes, on a rainy day when I’m snuggled on the couch with a good cookbook or two, I’ll let my mind wander into fantasy land. One of my favourite imaginary escapades involves a block of land, somewhere close to a wide, sandy beach, that will one day house a holiday cabin with enough bedrooms for my family and our friends and their families. While working out where to stick this fab little cottage, we’ll use the land as our own private little campsite and invite our favourite people along. Now, I can add a detail to my daydream: this bamboo and rattan chair. I fancy having a couple dotted around hanging from various lovely big trees ……

bamboo chair brownbamboo chair greybamboo chair natural


Buy them here.

Pour yourself a cup of tea first. You’ll be cruising around the Artilleriet site for some time, I can assure you! There’s some dangerously desirable stuff here.



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