Thrifty Thursday: The Hopper Pot

hopper_1I love to cook when I’m camping because I seriously don’t understand this idea that camping equals tins of baked beans and not much else. But sometimes I get that the easier and faster, the better. You might be pitching up late to your campsite, the rain might be coming down or you just want to get up, eat, and set out on a great long walk. Well here’s where Grasshopper’s portable pots of 100% natural soups, porridges and noodles are perfect to throw into a backpack or picnic basket.

Inspiration by a spot of Ikea cleverness and a bendy straw the people at Grasshopper came up with the perfect solution: flat packed food! The Hopper Pot™ is squash-proof by design and super space efficient, being less than half the size of a normal pot when packed. When you want to eat, just take the top off and the pot will ‘hop’ to its full 80mm height ready to have boiling water added. The pot is fully recyclable and re-usable and comes with a spoon too.

There are three soup flavours: tomato & basil, lentil & coconut and mushroom & chives. All come with 1% oatmeal added. Order some here.


The porridge comes with coconut & date, cinnamon & raison or with cane sugar. Order these here.

hopper_2And the noodles also come three ways: teriyaki, Chinese Five Spice and Thai Green Curry. Order these here.

hopper_3They’re £8.75 for packs of six and probably not bad for grabbing the odd lunch at your desk either. Oh, and one more thing. If you’re on the Fast Diet where it’s less than 500 calories for two days of the week, the good news is that 1 porridge + 1 soup + 1 pot of noodles is less than 500 calories! How easy is that?! Anyway, that’s a whole other blog!!!!



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