Camping Gear: New Waterproof Camera by Nikon


Nikon, beloved of bloggers, professional photographers and well, anyone who takes pictures, have come up with the world’s first waterproof and shockproof digital camera with interchangeable lenses. The 1 AW1 can handle water up to 15m (and a seriously rainy day) and can take an accidental drop of up to 2m. I mean, was there ever a camera made more for wild camping than this one??! I could go into all the super fancy details like the high-speed continuous shooting rates or the wide maximum aperture and so on, but you can read about it here.


Nikon promises the 1 AW1 is quick and easy to use and has been deliberately designed to be just that. It has a control lock function that stops accidental operation that can happen if you’re wearing gloves or even mittens!


This little gem of a camera may as well have been designed especially for us camping-lovers and this for me makes this camera worth buying. My favourite would be the rather 007-sounding ‘Action Button’. Rather than fumbling with multiple buttons and digging through endless menus, you can just hold down the Action Button, then tilt the camera left or right to select items such as shooting mode, display contrast/brightness and other settings from an intuitively designed layout. After releasing the button, your settings remain in place until you choose to change them again. Genius. You could be snapping away and BBQing at the same time ….


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