Camping Gear: Woollen Blankets by Forestry


I put my old, warm, white cotton Country Road blanket we got as a wedding present on our bed last night. It’s officially chilly in London. Which got me thinking about these Forestry woollen blankets. The last time I was going to include them on the blog, it turned out to be such a hot weekend ahead that I decided to leave them until this cold day came. It’s the day when the ritual of pulling blankets down from the shelves where they’ve been hibernating makes you feel cosy and cuddly.


Forestry is a design company in the Netherlands that specialises in high quality woven woollen plaids for the home. Kiwi designer Virginia Star Busmann named her company after Forestry Beach on the east coast of New Zealand. Once an in-house designer for one of New Zealand’s leading fabric companies, she has also designed a boutique children’s clothing collection which was available throughout Asia Pacific. These days she focuses on these 100% lamb’s wool blankets. They’re €129 and you can order them from here.


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