Inspiration: Port-A-Bach


A ‘bach’, pronounced ‘batch’, is Kiwi for holiday house. They’re low-key, usually near the beach or a river or something, and they’re all about kicking back and chilling out in happy, simple style. Atelierworkshop, a cool, Wellington-based design firm run by cool architects Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen whose aim is to “reconnect people with a physical reality, a territory, its history and a cultural context”.

With that in mind, they came up with this fabulous prototype for a portable bach made from up-cycled containers. It is simply brilliant. It’s not in production, but they will work on bespoke container building solutions, so just imagine the possibilities. This one was made in China and shipped to NZ, so really the same could work wherever you are in the world.


These are designed to sleep two adults and two kids and to be environmentally clean (they have designed prototypes for solar and wind-power options). Find a great block of land and you can see the minimal impact these little beauties will have on it without you needing to make a permanent property commitment. You could even lease a block of land and drop one of these on it and you’re away!


When you close it up, it’s all fully enclosed in the secure metal container. Plenty of storage, a bathroom and shower and a composting loo. The interior fabric screening system means you can create rooms within the large open living space. The exterior canvas screen system allows you to shelter the deck area for comfortable indoor/outdoor flow and living and 6 concrete footings are used to form a stable, non-invasive ‘foundation’ which means you can put your bach on lots of different ground conditions. What’s not to love?


I’d like to order one now please! Visit here for more. And have a look at their houses too, they’re gorgeous.


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