Camping Gear: Drinkware by Kinto



Kinto is a clever Japanese company. And I mean clever in the way that only Japanese companies really can be. Kinto was born in 1972 and has spent the past 40 years creating contemporary home accessories, often with an unexpected twist. Basically it’s middle-aged but still super-cool. Check out their fab 2 Way Cups.
Kinto_3Looks like a straight wine glass, but is also a tumbler and therefore pretty bloody perfect for a clever, classy camping trip.
Made of resin, you change the cup by twisting off the stem and voila! A tumbler. So whatever the resting terrain: tree stump, camping table or rough ground, your drink will stand up. And the stem can fit inside the cup for compact storage, which also allows you to stack multiple glasses.
Love. It!
They’re £10.95 and you can buy them from online store 95%. Click here.

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