Camping Gear: Mini Falcon Enamelware



To me, enamelware and camping go hand in hand. And holding hands is great, right? And that’s exactly what British icon of enamel, Falcon has done. It’s kind of like it got itself a new girlfriend. And that girlfriend is cooler than a frozen cucumber. Together, Parisian store Merci and Falcon worked on a little collaboration project and launched a collection of the cutest little mini tumblers anyone’s ever seen.


Available in classic white with the blue rim, you can also buy them in beige/grey; pigeon grey and pillarbox red. They’re only 6cm high, but that doesn’t mean they’re not tough. Just like all Falcon enamelware, they’re durable, chemical resistant and cannot burn. Campfire-side espresso anyone?!


They’re only £4.99 each and excrutiatingly irresistible. Buy them here. But get in quick …



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