Inspiration: Camila Carlow



A few weeks ago I received a very sweet comment from a reader who couldn’t quite get their head around what my blog was all about. “Broad” was mentioned. And yes, it is I suppose. It has evolved since I started it, but not much I don’t think. It’s still tied in to camping. Like a balloon to a log. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t wave about a bit!!! So while everything is linked back to the great things and experiences that can be found and had around a campfire, it’s also things that take my fancy, that inspire future adventures in the outdoors. Anyway, I couldn’t resist including a post on these stunning, delicate sculptures made of wild plants, wines, berries and moss. They’re exactly what took my fancy when I saw them and are probably guaranteed to cause even more confusion ….. oops.



Created by Guatemalan-born, Bristol-based artist Camila Carlow, they form a collection called ‘eye heart and spleen’. All together the work is designed to encourage a little contemplation of the miraculous work taking place inside our bodies. Each piece sweetly revealing each living organism as a fragile, exquisite form. Each worth appreciation.



I just think they’re so beautiful. And this made me think about the kinds of things we could all create when we’re outside, say, on future camping trips. A project to do with or without the kids. Imagine spending a few hours doing nothing more than noticing the little, tiny things all around us and using them to create sculptures about whatever tickles our fancy…..



Now that’s a cool way to spend a good day exploring what’s around a campfire, don’t you think?

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