Camping Gear: Barocook

You know how when people start sentences with, “In my day …..”, what they really mean is that we’re all useless wimps. We’d be without a chance of survival in their day, because we simply can’t tough it out through life without all the little gadgets and gizmos that have swept the net (and yes, we require that now too). And I agree! Honestly. These wonderful innovative goodies we all have to have just improve morale, don’t they? I mean life is hard enough, why make it as darn hard as it used to be?! It’s called evolution.

And so to Barocook. Made for those times when all the usual charms of camping and trying to light soggy firewood with frozen fingers have appeared as they really are. When all you want to do is to click two tent pegs together and find yourself back at your local, glass of wine in hand.


Barocook is a cooking system that doesn’t require well, cooking! Some seriously clever Koreans have come up with a system capable of heating water just shy of boiling. Without fire.baracook-3

A BPA-free plastic exterior houses the interior stainless steel container in which food is cooked. Between these two containers is where the magic happens. Combine water and one of Barocook’s heating packs to start the heat reaction. You’ll have boiling water in between five and 10 minutes—depending on the weather. The heating packs are non-toxic and the cooking is done by steam, so it’s healthy for you and the environment. You can order Barocook from Amazon in the US. Prices start at $US58.

And that’s how it’s done in my day.

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