Camping Gear: Hozuki Lamp by Snow Peak

We’re most definitely hovering in or near the part of the year when the weather makes an ever-so-casual promise that spring is juuuuust around the corner. Yes! If you strain yourself, you can hear and smell it coming. But it’s not. And it doesn’t. And deep down, even when the blossoms and daffodils get hoodwinked right along with us, we know it’s all a cruel lie. Winter is not finished with us yet. And February? Well, February is just mean.


To survive this I find the best thing to do is forget hibernating. Just start plotting, planning and imagining, how Spring, and then Summer which will be hot on it’s heels, is going to be gorgeous and fun-filled and life is to be lived outdoors again. And this is how I find myself shopping for lanterns and planning camping adventures in February.

To explain though, by planning, I don’t mean the when are where. I really mean how is it all going to look. But that can’t be a surprise.

I’m starting out with a hugely impractical 6m x 3m white gazebo. Possibly not so gorgeous during the day, but at night! Can you just imagine! And it will be all lit up by these gorgeous little Hozuki lanterns by Snow Peak. These are what truly got me started on my February Fantasies today.


These glorious little globes are designed to capture the beauty and romance of the sacred Hozuki plant and its flowers. So pretty are these, they inspired the original design for the Chinese paper lantern. There are three brightness settings, but the best thing about these Hozuki lamps is the candle mode. Turn it on and the light will respond to sound or wind with glorious flickering. They’re £86 pounds each and you can order them from The Goodhood Store, where many great things are to be found.

So bring it on February. I’m already in June…


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