Cool Campsites: Glamping for Glampers in South Korea


There must be something going on down there in South Korea when it comes to camping. First it’s Barocook‘s super duper camping gear and then along comes this stunning Glamping for Glampers site in remote Yang-Pyeong designed by up-and-coming South Korean design studio ArchiWorkshop. It’s designer camping at its best.


There are circular Stacking Doughnut units and long and expandable Modular Flow units – both have been built with wooden flooring and steel frames which are covered with a strong double layered membrane which is UV, water and fire resistant and, according to Archiworkshop, is ideal for a wide variety of different climates.


I do have a soft spot for campsites like these. I get that not everyone likes roughing it, and if you don’t, it can mean that you miss out on the more wild experiences on offer out there. And some days I would happily trade my trusty Outwell for one of these. I mean, they even have wall art by young Korean artists, sofa beds and their own loos. Tell me you wouldn’t be tempted ….


The beautiful photography is by June Young Lim.

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