Thrifty Thursday: World Cup Camping in Rio

Now I don’t mean to shock anyone, and do make sure you’re holding onto something when you read this, but on a recent poll of male friends, when asked to choose which of the year’s international sporting events they would choose to attend, they all chose the 2014 World Cup in Rio. (Also on offer was the Rowing World Cup in France; the European Athletics Championships in Germany or the Netherlands Grand Prix…) Shocking I know, right? I was stunned. And they call us wives high maintenance.

Fine then. Well, for those of you who are blessed with husbands desperately counting their airline points and making the three year old wash the neighbours’ cars, the good news is, they can stop. We’ve found the solution and they’ll still have some Reals left over for a few pints of Skol too.

It’s called camping my friends.

3290440_orig A couple of British Brazil-based property developers have well, developed, a World Cup campsite in rather glorious farmland in Recreio. That’s in the Western Zone of Rio. Set above the Recreio dos Bandeirantes surf beach, to the locals, it’s one of the safest districts in Rio. To camp here it’s only £35 a night, and that includes tent hire. Not bad, not bad at all. Even I’d consider ditching the Queen’s Club Tennis tourny this year at that price. Without the football though…


Between games there’s the walking trails of Barra Woods, Casa do Pontal art museum or a guided expedition to spot broad-snouted caimans and red-footed tortoises. And the campsite sits right next to the Pedra Branca State Park, the largest urban forest in the world, so there’s that too. Or just kick back by the pool and enjoy the food stands, bar and big screens.

Gates open June 8. Click here for booking and more info.

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