Camping Gear: Eco-Friendly Fire Starters by LessCandles


I’m love, love, loving these eco-fire starters! Made by Asta for her Lithuanian-based LessCandles Etsy store. They’re handmade using birch bark, (long favoured by Lithuanians over paper for getting their fires going). Asta also uses pine cones, moss, chestnuts and other natural bits and pieces she forages encased in food-grade paraffin wax with pure cotton wicks. There are two to choose from, one dipped in citronella scented palm wax and the other unscented. They’re great to use when grilling food (you’ve all smelled those hideous toxic ones, right?) and come packaged in paper that can be burned or recycled.


They’re £7.38 for six. Order them from here and she ships worldwide.




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