Camping Gear: Tents by Field Candy

fc3I’m starting to get the impression that tent designers are like comedians in real life. That is, not very funny. I mean, I get they have an important job to do. I get it, I do. They’re providing a shelter under which people expect to be about as safe and warm and comfortable as they do in a dodgy boutique hotel. They have to be spacious and fit in the boot of a Fiat Punto. And they need to be light enough to be carried the four miles from car park to pitch, where they have to be erected by a bickering couple and withstand all kinds of weather-related hell if it happens to break loose.  I told you already. I. Get. It.

What I don’t get is why they all have to be quite so darn ugly. It’s the colours. Occasionally (okay, more often than is really necessary), I take an e-tour of the latest tents, and, especially if hot on the heels of online Zara-browsing, I automatically go looking for the other colours it comes in. So far what’s on offer ranges from wimpy khaki mixed with a beigey-taupey-icky kind of colour to seasick blue and day-old oatmeal. I wont’ mention the brown ones. Is that really necessary? Do Outwell and Vango only employ pining ex-military servicemen  in their design departments? Whatever the problem, I suggest everyone quickly heads over to FieldCandy and have a look at just how cute and bright tents can be.



Fun-yet-serious, FieldCandy tents are high spec from pole to peg and made in the UK. And for a limited time, there’s free worldwide shipping on offer. Check out all the facts, figures and features here. I love them. Great imagery, vibrant colours (they come plain shades too) and they’ll put a smile on everyone’s face. Now these guys are having some fun! Which one would you choose?


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