Kids Tent, Caravan & Treehouse Beds


Now I don’t know about yours, but if my three little men could be anywhere, they’d be camping. They love it. They love sleeping in sleeping bags on their sheepskin-coated camp beds and they love inhabiting a tent. It’s their inner caveman I think. Obviously this isn’t going to happen all that often in the space of a whole (chilly, wet, English) year, so I figure these Belgian-made-to-order tent, caravan and treehouse beds by Mathy by Bols have to take top billing as The Next Best Thing, no?!!

mathy5mathy6What kid wouldn’t love to be holed up in one of these? And they all have a trundle bed as well, so perfect for indoor camping sessions with little friends.


And do check out that crazy tree book shelf! I mean seriously, the great outdoors is going to have a lot of catching up to do…mathy1mathy3mathy7You can order them from Cuckooland. Which one would you choose?

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