Camping Gear: Seriously Stylish Solar Lighting by Maiori

maiori solar lamp_1

Nearly 400 years ago, the streets of Paris were first lit up with the “réverbère” gas lamp. The light brought people to the streets at night, where they could enjoy each other’s company no matter what the time. It’s why Paris is known as the City of Light. What on earth does this have to do with camping you ask? Well, inspired by these traditional gas lamps, Maiori Objects of Design have created a sustainable, eco-friendly, moveable outdoor lamp. I love a bit of lighting to illuminate the blackness around a campfire and add atmosphere to a great camping trip, and these are just super flash.

maiori solar lamp_2maiori solar lamp_3

Recently launched at the 2014 International Furniture Fair in Singapore, ‘la lampe paris’ is designed to fit both indoors and outdoors: in other words, it’s weatherproof but gorgeous! And there are 26 different combinations (a black or white frame and base, and 13 color fabric shades).

The lamp will work as both a hanging lantern (it comes with a hook); or a standing lamp and the lampshade is fully adjustable. The solar panels detach so you don’t have to move the lamp around to score the best sun spots and they’ll stay lit for three and a half to seven hours depending on which of the three light modes it is set to: low, medium or high intensity. And they turn on automatically at night.maiori solar lamp_5

maiori solar lamp_4

They’re €329 and available to order from here. Campfire style at it’s best.



3 thoughts on “Camping Gear: Seriously Stylish Solar Lighting by Maiori

  1. Wow, these lights are so cool! I love how they’re solar-powered, made for outdoor usage, how the lamp hanger can detach, the variety of fabric choices and how they look so modern in the middle of an outdoor wilderness. If it weren’t so expensive, I would definitely get myself one. Thanks for the great post 🙂

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