The Grill of Campions (!!!): The Plancha

VUE_FACE-PLAA-REI’m flexing my camping muscles for the first time this year. They’re a little rusty, but packing is underway for this weekend’s camping trip. When I say underway, I mean I’ve relieved four new sleeping bags from their packaging. And put them on the couch. Anyway …, I’m enjoying the fantasy that I’ll have space in the car for some bits of new camping kit. I may have to leave one kid at home, but hey.

Top of my list is a Plancha gas grill. I mean just look at this baby. Glorious.


They heat up in three minutes, are easy to clean, can handle cooking lots of things that don’t work on a barbie and you can cook for up to 12 people at once. Seriously. Think about it. Millions of burger-flippers the world over can not be wrong.Verycook_20


See for yourself how great they are over here. I’m seriously in love. Now comes the hard part. Choosing the colour. There are 10 of them. Oh, and deciding which kid to leave behind…

Verytonic 1

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