Three years ago two little Kiwis convinced me (a hotel-hugging, London-based, Sydney-born mother of three little boys), to brave the wilds of a UK campsite with my man and our three boys. It took them a while. I liked holidays that involved bikinis and jewelled sandals, not wellies and firelighters. I pitched magazines and exotic travel stories, not tents. But the campfire cast it’s spell and I love, love, loved it! I adore watching my boys run wild and get spectacularly grubby. I spend hours concocting vast campfire feasts for friends and whole days scouring the internet for wonderful things to give a camping trip a little bit of style and magic. What you’ll find here are the results of all that plotting and searching. And hopefully,enough inspiration to convince you to try swapping hotel lobbies and infinity pools for a gently billowing tent and a crackling campfire. Thanks for visiting.

See you out there,


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    • Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment, and I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog. I’m a huge fan of tupperware and I think it would be a perfect fit. My email is campfirestylemail@gmail, so let’s see what we can drum up ….Thanks!

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