The moke is back!



Is there another car that has ever embodied the absolute joys of being young, having fun and enjoying some great weather than the Mini Moke? This car has the power to take at least 20 years off your life, pretty much by just looking at it! If I could take one of these with me every time I went camping, I’d unzip my tent at the first sign of light, jump in and set off exploring every day with a smile plastered on my face.

The Moke beach buggy is relaunching later this year in Sydney, on Bondi Beach. Thankfully resuscitated by cool designer Michael Young in time for it’s 50th birthday, the first batch has already been produced. And already completely sold out! No surprises there, right.


“The Moke has always been a unique car, it’s a folly of the best kind but it does take a certain type of user to drive one,” Young has said. “It always draws attention on any street in any country, so in this sense it is a design success, despite its playfulness and market.”

The original components of the Moke are no longer available so Young’s team 3D-scanned the vintage parts they could get hold of and redesigned others. “The car is totally new,” said Young. “Even though it looks like the original, it’s not.”



The new Moke does have some fabulous new features to show off: an ice cooler in the boot for wine and food, a clip on the dashboard for magazines or a dog lead and nets instead of a glove box to store stuff.

My birthday’s coming up people……