Thrifty Thursday: Cheap and cheerful camping gear

I love Thrifty Thursdays! To be honest, I’m possibly not the world’s most discerning shopper when it comes to finding crafty ways to save money on gear you really want to take with you wherever you go, but every week I like to think I’m getting a little better at it!! So here’s this weeks round-up of some fun stuff I’d happily take camping with me and best of all? There’s still money left over for a cheeky pub lunch!

Melamine is a favourite camping staple of mine. It doesn’t chip or break and is super light to carry. I don’t think I’ve ever been camping and not wished I had a few more trays on hand to carry BBQ’d goodies to and from the campfire. I’m loving these twin whale trays by New Yorker Thomas Paul. He started out in fashion and worked with the likes of Diane von Furstenburg and Calvin Klein before the lure of lifestyle captured his imagination. He now creates collections of everything from tableware – his melamine designs are brilliant – and bed linens, to lamps and stationary. You can order these trays online from Rocket St George. It’s £36 for the set.


Camping requires much tea and coffee to kick start the mornings, which tend to be early if you’re camping with kiddies, who tend to wake with the sun. Pack an OYOY tea cozy and you’ll be able to get away with boiling a kettle once. £16 from Bruno + Beanteacozy

Never underestimate just how useful clothes pegs can be! From hanging sopping tea towels to skinny tree branches, securing fairy lights to your tent or fashioning an impromptu sun shelter. Seriously. Pack them, and you’ll use them. I’m mad about these Batman Pegs from funky French boutique Serendipity. They’re only €3.50 and you can order them from here. Shine a torch behind them and you could easily get some good shadow-play going too.batmanpegsOne night on my last camping trip, a friend of mine brought out these great Wood Flares to add extra light and warmth around the campfire. They were brilliant! And strangely mesmerising. It’s taken a little while to track them down but I finally managed to find them at Cox & Cox. They’re £16.50 and you can order yours here. I’d advise lighting them once the kiddies are safely tucked up in their sleeping bags!!

Thrifty Thursday: Ikea Bounty

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to make up for some slightly slack blogging behaviour with not one, but two Thrifty Thursday posts today. This selection of bits and pieces are from my most recent foray into the land of  Ikea. So, I have a great love of Ikea’s solar lanterns, and I finally found a bag that’s the perfect size to fit them all in comfortably. It’s the Spana bag and it’s £10. Great for picnics too, as I’ve discovered during this sunny week in London and you can just hose it clean. Fabulous. It also comes in:

Colourcheck Proof: Jenny Sšderstršm


I also scooped up these Iris pot holders (£1.50) as I spent my last camping weekend burning my fingers as no one brought anything with them:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI topped up my camping cutlery collection with the Bonus 1§6-piece set for a ridiculous £1.20:



I fell for these Vegetarisk hemp cloths (70p) which are naturally antibacterial and don’t retain odours. And lastly, a Blaska dust pan (£1) because I noticed that our tent is getting full of twigs and old leaves and needs a bit of a sweep up on its next outing. Not a bad haul.

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