Friday Foodies: A Brown Table

I blame the ice cream. It’s always the ice cream though that is more often than not the undoing of us all, don’t you find? …. But when I stumbled across the wildly eye-catching and taste-provoking foodie blog A Brown Table, the first thing that caught my eye was the ice cream. It all started with a stomach-flipping recipe for roasted purple yam + molasses ice cream (recipe here). Who on earth would ever, EVER think of that?!! From there it was a very quick click of the curser over to masala chai ice cream (recipe here) and on to the butternut squash ice cream with caramel (recipe here). And there’s more, but if I go on we’ll be here all day. Are you tempted yet?

What started as an exploration of kitchen creativity has morphed into what is now a challenging, sensational food blog that will really get your imagination going. The dishes Nik Sharma conjures up are nothing short of spectacular and will delight you and anyone lucky enough to be sitting around your campfire or, let’s face it, your dining room table because you’ll be cooking from this blog whether you’re camping or not. You’ll soon discover that much inspiration is drawn from the rich flavours of Indian cuisine, particularly those of North India and Goa. Sharma then takes these familiar flavours and flips and switches and merges them into into healthier, lighter, amazing plates and bowls of utter deliciousness.

We’ve had lots of utterly scrumptious Foodies featured on campfire style, but I know this blog is going to hit the spot like no other. Or it will shift your spot in the most delightful ways. Try something new on your next camping trip. That’s what it’s all about after all. New experiences, great times, full stomachs. So, what’s it going to be, huh?

As usual, here are my favourites to make ahead of your next camping trip or at your campsite. I had a seriously hard time limiting it to these, so go and check out Sharma’s blog for yourself and see what takes your fancy.

Indian-style salmon burgers, recipe here.



Sour eggplant curry, recipe here.



Cilantro coconut chutney, recipe here.



Balsamic raspberry sauce + chèvre cake, recipe here.


Goan chili rolls, recipe here.



Oat + sweet potato porridge, recipe here.



Chimichurri egg salad, recipe here.



Chia honey lemon pound cake, recipe here.



Shrimp etouffee, recipe here.

browntable-18Enjoy happy, hungry campers!

Images via A Brown Table, with many thanks.

Friday Foodie: Amazing recipes to cook while camping by Love and Lemons

What is it about eating beside a campfire that makes food taste more delicious than ever? Perhaps it’s the little extra effort it takes to get it all together when you’ve ditched your safe, cosy kitchen for the wild pursuit of cooking at a campsite. Or perhaps it’s that eating outside is so appealing and makes for a refreshing change to sitting at a dining table, or maybe it’s the campsite company… Whatever it is, eating and camping is a relationship that should be worked on, developed and actively encouraged by all campers. So ditch the tins of baked beans and jarred pasta sauces and try something different the next time you’re camping that will delight anyone that finds themselves lucky enough to be sitting around your campfire.

Today’s Friday Foodie recipes come from the spectacular Love and Lemons, a blog that was established in 2011 by Austin-based couple Jeanine and Jack. Together they cook and shoot with the lightest of touches and I love, love, love reading and revisiting this ever so alluring blog. Jeanine writes the super healthy, largely vegetarian and gloriously colourful posts and recipes and together they taste and photograph them. It didn’t take them long to reach the great heights of winning the Best Cooking Blog award from the readers of Saveur magazine. No small feat.

I know you’ll love this blog as much as I do. Once again, I’ve chosen recipes that I think would be fantastic to make on and for your next camping trip. So get cooking happy campers!

Blackberry and lemon zest crostini, recipe here.



Sambal salsa and black bean tacos, recipe here.


Almond-ella spread, recipe here.


Ginger kombucha cocktails, recipe here.


Pea tendril and pistachio pesto, recipe here.


Peanut soba spring rolls, recipe here.



Spicy watermelon and avocado salad, recipe here.


Tomato coconut shrimp curry, recipe here.


Images via Love and Lemons, with thanks.


Friday Foodie: Eat like an Angel with dishes by Deliciously Ella



I, like many of us, have major (sometimes minor) bursts of healthy-eating, green juice-drinking angelic behaviour. Admittedly this has never actually taken place on a campsite. But Deliciously Ella has inspired me to make more of an effort. Written by Londoner Ella Woodward, this blog is full of healthy, vegan alternatives to the food we all love to eat more often. You know, like brownies, pizza and ice-cream. Don’t roll your eyes, there are some truly fabulous dishes and treats over there, and you will want to clean up your act.

Diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome a few years ago, Woodward eventually took her health into her own hands and ditched chocolate bars for sweet potato wedges and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for fruit and veg. And it worked. She is now up and about and dealing with a new, busy and exciting life writing her blog, a cookbook and launching a new Deliciously Ella app. You go girl!

So, before your next camping trip, whizz up an apple, pear, avocado and spinach detox smoothie and plan some life-enhancing, energy-giving goodness-laden dishes to enjoy while sitting at your campfire.

LIke these zucchini apple muffins. Muffins are brilliant to make ahead and feed the kiddies when they wake up with the sun at dawn. It’ll hold them off until you’re actually ready to make them a proper brekkie. Find the recipe here.



You could easily whip up a double or triple batch of this sweet potato, lentil and coconut curry ahead of time to feed the hoards. Then you just have to cook some rice or cous cows on site. Who doesn’t love curry? The recipe here.


Light the campfire, BBQ some fish or chicken and serve this very handsome broccoli, avocado & lime salad, recipe here, alongside.


I have found that when my kids are running around like little crazy, wild camping creatures, they get hungry and need a lot of snacks to keep going. Bread is an easy fix, but not ideal. However, to tide them over, you could try smearing a slice or two with this nutritious nutella, recipe here, made from nothing but naturally good ingredients. They’ll thank you for it eventually! Or you can serve it as a dip with fruit or a retro 70s-inspired filler for a stick of celery. I know you know what I’m talking about ….



Keep the adults going with some delicious lettuce salsa wraps, recipe here, instead of a packet of crisps come mid-afternoon.



Just imagine how good we’re all going to feel!! Enjoy people and have a great weekend!