Sunday Best: Like Enamel? Check Out Our Favourite Pieces for Camping

enamel12I have a thing for enamel. It’s serious, not some fleeting interest and it’s been going on for a while now. There are just some things a girl can’t help. So my first Sunday Best post is dedicated to the stuff. These new posts are my little round-ups of favourite camping kit. Maybe you’ll discover some new crushes of your own, or maybe we’ll just validate your secret passion for items of camping gear. Either way, it’s a nice way to start a Sunday in our opinion. And if reading is followed by a quick online-shopping spree … Well, so be it. Things could be worse after all.

I’m loving the two-tier lunch pail (£55) from Objects of Use, pictured above. There’s a campsite my family and I sometimes visit and it runs along a little canal-like river. There’s fishing to be had and afternoons spent clambering over old boats tied to the shore. This would be great for packing little snacks and even bait, and it’s small enough for little ones to carry themselves. Adorable.

enamel5If I could figure out how Father Rabbit, a cool-as-cucumber Auckland-based lifestyle store got their hands on this Falconware enamel milkshake tumbler ($NZ16) when I can’t find it anywhere in the UK, I’d be one happy bunny. I want one. Badly.

enamel7It was only a matter of time before cutlery found itself dipped in enamel. And these pieces from Cachette are yummy. Finished by hand, so each piece is ever-so-slightly different, there are matching salad servers too, for those so inclined. Prices start at €11.50. To the Wish List with you immediately!!


I recently gave two of these large, lidded mugs (£22) to friends who spend weekends tending their allotment. They’d be brilliant on a camping trip too. Your tea/coffee/soup will be kept warm, and safe from ash from the campfire too! And I couldn’t resist this little candle holder (£12). Is there a better way to light up the loo? Both are from Labour and Wait.


enamel1If you’ve visited my site before, you’ll know I love a camping, cooking and eating delicious dishes. So, your orders are to make a hefty curry in this round food canister (€41.50) from Le Repere des Belettes. Pop the lid on. Pack it in the car. Bung it on the campfire. Voila. Dinner. Love. It.

Happy Sunday Campers!

Our Favourite Camping Gear from Best Made Co.


Best Made is an American company that was established in 2009 to fill the gap in the market for a high quality, brilliantly made axe, the “oldest and most invaluable tool known to mankind”. A year later Best Made’s limited edition axes were featured in an exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Which is not so much a statement on their performance (can you actually imagine Charles Saatchi camping?!), but does speak to their  rapidly (and well-earned) achieved icon status. They soon joined forces with some of the world’s best manufacturers and broadened their product base to include clothing, bags, first aid kits, maps and more. Which is great for all of us who don’t often find ourselves chopping wood.

Their products are Tonka-tough, beautifully made and elegant in the best sense of the word. Even better, when pushed, they perform. And they keep performing. These goodies are made to last and they’ll survive whatever we and the world throw at them.

These are our picks from the Best Made catalogue:




Best Made works with some of the worlds best manufacturers to create their ranges and their enamelware is no exception. The best feature? The rim — the spot that gets the most abuse — is reinforced with a double dipping of enamel. This is true of their plates, cups and pots. Prices start at $US32 for a set of two mugs.

I truly love their traditional dinner bell ($US50). It’s brings a brilliant touch to any campsite and will lure even the most busy and far-wandering campers back to the campfire.



Perfect for all outdoorsy people of the man variety is the Best Made field shirt ($US165). Or maybe a flannel pullover ($US142)? It’s hard to choose …

There was a minor flurry on Twitter recently as to whether Hudsalve ($US12) is a Danish or a Swedish life saver. Either way, this stuff is brilliant and seemingly useful for just about everything and anything! Designed for one of the Scandinavian military forces, and rapidly adopted by mountaineers and adventurers, Hudsalve is a no-frills skin protection for lips, face, hands, elbows, and feet. It can also be used to grease steel ware, condition boots and many tweets told tales of cooking with it. It’s like Vaseline on steroids.



You can’t go wrong with a cosy Lumberlander Camp Blanket ($US184) for keeping warm on those nights where you find the conversation around the campfire more enticing than your sleeping bag.bestmade8

And you may find this strange, but I’m also seriously liking their Tengui ($US6). These can be used to hold a chopping board in place and clean knives and work surfaces. An essential bit of kit found in most Japanese homes, it’s also used as a dishcloth, hand towel, even a bandana if you’re so inclined! It’s multi-purpose items like these that become invaluable on a campsite. bestmade27They even sell their own maple syrup! Go and check them out, there’s loads more and their gear will seriously get your camping juices going.


Camping Gear: Enamel Camping Cups by TMOD


It’s been a while since I posted, I know. But I’m swinging back into gear for a great 2014 of camping inspiration for us all so do stay tuned! I decided to kick start the year on campfirestyle with these great camping cups by TMOD. Designed in Australia by Sydney artists Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen, just one look at them made me want to throw the camping stove in the back of the car and head into the wilds of wherever for a cup of tea.


TMOD stands for Turn Me On Design, as the original idea was to design lighting. But they were soon distracted with plans for interactive stationery and jewellery pieces that have now developed rather a cult following. Before long, there were other lifestyle pieces as well. But I love the idea behind these dual-purpose mugs. Once you’ve polished off your coffee or hot choccy, you can follow the instructions and pop up a teepee, make a daisy chain or whip up some damper.

daisy.conceptcup.daisychain.frontcup.daisychain.backThink about what a great gift they would make for a camping buddy. A mug and everything they need follow the instructions on the sides. Nice.


There’s also one with a guide to the Southern Cross, another with instructions for tying a reef knot and a great one for spotting a rip off the beach. Possibly things you’d need more on an Aussie camping trip, but hey, they’ll sure make you look like a tough, well-travelled camper wherever you light up your campfire. Check out TMOD for more. The cups are $AUD14.50 each. Love them!

Camping Gear: Mini Falcon Enamelware



To me, enamelware and camping go hand in hand. And holding hands is great, right? And that’s exactly what British icon of enamel, Falcon has done. It’s kind of like it got itself a new girlfriend. And that girlfriend is cooler than a frozen cucumber. Together, Parisian store Merci and Falcon worked on a little collaboration project and launched a collection of the cutest little mini tumblers anyone’s ever seen.


Available in classic white with the blue rim, you can also buy them in beige/grey; pigeon grey and pillarbox red. They’re only 6cm high, but that doesn’t mean they’re not tough. Just like all Falcon enamelware, they’re durable, chemical resistant and cannot burn. Campfire-side espresso anyone?!


They’re only £4.99 each and excrutiatingly irresistible. Buy them here. But get in quick …



Label Your Camping Crockery


Porcelain pens

Yes, yes, I said crockery. I don’t like paper plates and plastic cutlery. I could explain why, but it would descend into a bit of a whinge. So, I have a collection of enamelware, which I take on every camping trip. Plenty of my friends have also succumbed to the allure of an enamel mug or two (does anything else really say ‘camping’ like enamel?). As the days go on everyone’s collections become communal which is great. But this does mean we all lose or gain random pieces. Plenty of people rely on a blob of nail polish, but I find it chips off as fast as painted nails on an East End night out. And microchipping is possibly excessive. What to do …?

Porcelain pens: The. Answer. They work, are cheap and are available online. Just write your name, or draw a picture and leave it to dry for four hours. Heat fix in an un-preheated oven for 60 minutes at 190 degrees C, then cool down fully in the oven (some may work differently, so check first). Voila!

Enamelware, never to be lost again

Enamelware, never to be lost again