Thrifty Thursday: On Campsites This Year it’ll be all about the felt garland!

It’s the little things that count and when it comes to making a campsite your own, this holds true. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of bunting, but this year I’m adding some felt garlands to my decorating kit. (Yes, I have one. You don’t?!)  Wrapped around a tree trunk, hooked from tent to shrub or hanging around a shelter, it’ll be the most gorgeous way to mark your territory! This handmade, 6-foot garland is only £13.59 from The Fickle Felt Tree.

Thrifty Thursday: Halloween Masks from The Woodsfolk

woodsfolk_1I don’t know how many of you brave Autumn camping, but I can certainly see the joys of it if you have the right gear to keep you cosy. The trees, the colours, the mornings that ease into daylight gently ….. I was having a read of The Woodsfolk blog this morning and stumbled across their gorgeous felt Halloween masks for kids (and adults!). What a great way to liven up a wild Halloween, especially if you’re planning a camping trip in a lovely Autumnal wood …..

woodsfolk_2The owl and the fox would definitely be my favourites …..

Contact them here to arrange an order and international shipping in time for Halloween.