Inspiration: Camila Carlow



A few weeks ago I received a very sweet comment from a reader who couldn’t quite get their head around what my blog was all about. “Broad” was mentioned. And yes, it is I suppose. It has evolved since I started it, but not much I don’t think. It’s still tied in to camping. Like a balloon to a log. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t wave about a bit!!! So while everything is linked back to the great things and experiences that can be found and had around a campfire, it’s also things that take my fancy, that inspire future adventures in the outdoors. Anyway, I couldn’t resist including a post on these stunning, delicate sculptures made of wild plants, wines, berries and moss. They’re exactly what took my fancy when I saw them and are probably guaranteed to cause even more confusion ….. oops.



Created by Guatemalan-born, Bristol-based artist Camila Carlow, they form a collection called ‘eye heart and spleen’. All together the work is designed to encourage a little contemplation of the miraculous work taking place inside our bodies. Each piece sweetly revealing each living organism as a fragile, exquisite form. Each worth appreciation.



I just think they’re so beautiful. And this made me think about the kinds of things we could all create when we’re outside, say, on future camping trips. A project to do with or without the kids. Imagine spending a few hours doing nothing more than noticing the little, tiny things all around us and using them to create sculptures about whatever tickles our fancy…..



Now that’s a cool way to spend a good day exploring what’s around a campfire, don’t you think?

Thrifty Thursday: flowers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOkay, okay. I camp and I like it. But I’m still a girl and I like a bit of floral action as much as the next one. So I usually end up converting my old olive oil tins into vases and taking along a bunch of flowers from somewhere or other. Or it’s a great way to keep the kids busy while you’re putting up the tent – they can go and gather some pretty flowers as they explore any new campsite. But you could also use them to store cutlery, tea lights, matches, cooking utensils. Endless possibilities. And they’re lightweight too. Just run a tin opener around the top when you’ve used all the oil and voila! Then you can recycle them at the campsite, or bring them home to use again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAny old tin will do really. Just look for one that looks cool. And if you too have named your kid after a deliciously chocolatey-malty drink, those tins are perfect too. I know you think I’m mad, but just try even a little tin full of blooms and just see how your camping buddies react…