Camping Gear: Fashionable Father’s Day gift ideas for camping dads



I could stare at this picture of the Peak District all day. It just makes me want to hurl my tent into the back of the car and hit the road. But there’s Father’s Day gift-gathering to grapple with, so here are some more fantastic suggestions for you guys:



Mamnick is the road that leaves Hope valley and begins it’s steady ascent of Mam Tor, deep in the Peak District. It’s also the name of a slick, manly fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by these scenes. And it’s the place where these great shirts, and everything else they make, are made. Mamnick is a company that openly reveres Britain’s manufacturing heritage and they aim to carry on in that tradition by working with skilled, talented local artisans. The brand ethos? “Do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible”. Here, here. What Daddy wouldn’t want to be a part of all that good stuff every time he shrugs an extra layer on at a campsite? I’ve got my eye on the Bagshaw Vest, £93, pictured above. But I’m probably even more seriously tempted by the very handsome Bubnell Gilet, £114, pictured below.


And why stop there? There’s always this Pilsley Shirt, £95. Or the Litton Shirt, £90. He’ll be the sharpest camper round the fire.






WWP_Yellow_1The Waka Waka is the most efficient solar lamp in the world. A few hours in the sun and you’ll get more than 40 hours of light. There are four increasing brightness levels and an SOS signal in case the tent caves in or something equally nightmarish happens on your next camping trip. It’s lightweight and portable, and has a stand that enables it to be attached to the top of a bottle or hung from the tent top or tree. You can also use it to fully charge your phone and iPad. And you can charge it through the mains as well, which is pretty handy. Not only that, the beautiful people behind Waka Waka (which means ‘shine bright’ in Swahili) launched a ‘buy one, give one’ campaign that has raised over $US700,000 and provided 12,000 LED lamps to Haitian families living without electricity. They are now sending Wakas to Syria. This is one purchase that you can feel darn good about buying and using. You can order one directly from Waka Waka for $US79 and join in these campaigns or from Firebox for £59.99 with free delivery.




01instagramAs someone who started life in magazine publishing, I have greeted the move to digital with some hesitation. Does anything really beat the smell of newsprint, the joy of flicking pages in a newly delivered magazine, relaxing by a campfire with a book in your hands, or going through old photo albums? I have loads of photos I barely look at because they’re all on my iPhone or my iPad or my iWhatever …. Anyway, a few weeks ago I posted about an Australian company who will print your Instagram images in gorgeous retro-style prints, Origrami. Well, I’ve just discovered an American company, Artifact Uprising who are doing the same. Inspired by the “disappearing beauty of the tangible”, the options they offer are just stunning. Hard and soft cover books, print sets and calendars. Sophisticated, elegant and beautiful, they’re a gorgeous way to keep your Instagram images out in the open. My favourites are the wooden boxes made with Colorado Beetle Kill wood. This means only wood from trees that have fallen due to nasty pine beetles is used. It’s a beautiful greyish-blue colour which serves as a soft backdrop for your images and keeps healthy trees safe. And the boxes hold all the books they make too. Prices start at just over a US tenner. Aren’t you tempted?




Origrami: Print Your Instagram Pictures

I’ve got a thing for Instagram. Everyone in their right mind does, right? And I’ve got loads of great pics of our camping trips sitting on my phone not really doing much. Well a cool Australian couple has come up with Origrami – a fabulous way to print your Instagram images. Upload your choice of photos and they’ll print them polaroid-style with map, date and the number of likes on the back and all packaged up in a cute little cardboard box. A great way to keep your camping memories within easy reach. A package of 36 Instagram photos will set you back $AUD19.95 and there’s free world wide shipping! Love it. Check it out here.