Don’t go camping without these delicious marshmallows by Mallow and Marsh!

Pyramid - small

Okay, so word association games are properly naff, I’ll give you that. But if someone yells “campfire” at a group of people, someone is definitely going to shout “marshmallows”! You know it, and I know it.

Simple line out - small

Once the kids have burned their little fingers toasting dodgy big-packet marshmallows on your next camping holiday and gone to bed, it’s time for the big humans to bust out a stash of more grown up marshmallows—and by that I mean these glorious goodies by sweet start-up Mallow and Marsh.

While the company was the result of a nifty workshop weekend, since launching in November last year, they have travelled fast and straight up. And today, Mallow and Marsh launch across 40 Sainsburys’ stores across London.

Founder Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie was running an online jewellery business when she went on a working weekend to improve her business and innovation skills. Now I don’t know about you but I never actually thought those things actually worked, but that one sure did.

“I was working on a food project and I was challenged to make some marshmallows. Having never made them before, I spent most of the Saturday night slaving over a whisk. I came back to my group the next morning with some blue bacon marshmallows, and some other strange flavours. We handed them around and the reaction was amazing,” says Harriot. “I’ve never seen anything like it. I was hooked. I had no idea you could make a product that was so different from what you could buy. I started playing around with recipes, ideas, and flavours and marshmallows just got under my skin. In April last year I made the move to actually looking at the marshmallow market from a business perspective and by July I was working on it full time. ”

Roasted coconut is their biggest seller (try it dipped in Greek yoghurt).

Roasted Coconut - smallCappuccino started as a Limited Edition flavour, but has proven so popular, it’s soon to launch as an official flavour.


But my favourite? It’s definitely the raspberry with some freshly squeezed lime juice. Majorly divine.

Raspberry - small

Harriot promises they’ll roast beautifully too. I’m definitely taking a stack on my next camping trip in May to dangle over the campfire. Just for the adults mind ….. these are way too good for my lovely, (but far less discerning!!!) kiddies….

Lemon, Lime & Bitters: A Refreshing Drink

Camping, when you’re lucky, can be hot work. Even here in the UK you could be hit with a day out of the blue when something refreshing is needed post-tent raising and pre-fire lighting. And this is it. Strangely though, over here it seems as well known as a beach extra from the first episode of Neighbours. It deserves a whole lot more attention I can assure you, and is much loved by us Aussies.

Here’s the what:

Angostura Bitters

Lemonade (I like to pack a couple of cases of 150ml cans of Schweppes. There are 12 little cans in each case)

Lime Cordial

Ice (I have a Coleman Xtreme cooler which keeps ice for five days)

Lemon lime bitters

Here’s the how:

Over ice, pour in lime cordial (as much as you would if you were mixing with water, so not too much that it’s over-powering). Add a slice or two of fresh lime if you have any to hand. Add four to five splashes of Angostura Bitters, then pour in a 150ml can of Lemonade. Stir with a straw.

Grab a little helper to hand them around, cos you’ll be busy making more for anyone who catches sight of one!

Cy with drinkP.S. As you can imagine, this also works very well with a splash of vodka too, if the occasion requires ….!