Friday Foodie: Try Some Super Delicious Sandwiches by The Butty


Alright, alright, I’ll confess. I. Have. Never … had a chip butty. There, I said it. I’m sure it will happen one day. I’ll be up North, it’ll be cold and late. There’s a high probability there’ll be rain. I’ll have had a few jolly beverages and BAM! That’s when it’ll go down. Thick white bread packing even thicker, hot potato chips. I’m not sure if I’m exactly looking forward to it. Really, I’m just resigned to the fact that it will happen. Hey, if you wind up living in the UK and you make friends, it’s only a matter of time before they’re gonna hit you with it…

I’m hoping though, that they’ll be reading this and will get a chance to check out the butty-Heaven that is to be found on The Butty. It’s sandwiches like you’ve never seen them. Sandwiches raised to their full glory, bars fully raised, lips well and truly smacked. Start with this flatiron steak sandwich with chimichurri, method here, (picture above). (Use the leftover chimichurri in a frying pan with some sweet corn kernels and you’ve got a fabulous side dish in minutes for later in the day).

What’s better, you can just make up a few things ahead of time, grab some handy store-bought ingredients, head to your campsite and you’ll have a lunch in moments, hearty enough to satisfy even the greatest cravings.



Like the manly meatballer, method here.



Need something hearty to start the day? French toast, bacon, duck egg and sausage sarnie, method here.


Or try mackerel with pickled sweet pepper, method here.


Grab a BBQ’d duck from your nearest China Town or take-away and you’ve got these yummy duck and spring onion butties, method here. Simple but good.


Posh things up a bit with Etruscan pepperoni and Ardennes pate, method here.


Bring some Italian flair to a camping lunch with this salami, chorizo and goats cheese sandwich, method here.

Feeling inspired? Yeah, me too. Chip butty be damned ….