Thrifty Thursday: Ikea Bounty

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to make up for some slightly slack blogging behaviour with not one, but two Thrifty Thursday posts today. This selection of bits and pieces are from my most recent foray into the land of  Ikea. So, I have a great love of Ikea’s solar lanterns, and I finally found a bag that’s the perfect size to fit them all in comfortably. It’s the Spana bag and it’s £10. Great for picnics too, as I’ve discovered during this sunny week in London and you can just hose it clean. Fabulous. It also comes in:

Colourcheck Proof: Jenny Sšderstršm


I also scooped up these Iris pot holders (£1.50) as I spent my last camping weekend burning my fingers as no one brought anything with them:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI topped up my camping cutlery collection with the Bonus 1§6-piece set for a ridiculous £1.20:



I fell for these Vegetarisk hemp cloths (70p) which are naturally antibacterial and don’t retain odours. And lastly, a Blaska dust pan (£1) because I noticed that our tent is getting full of twigs and old leaves and needs a bit of a sweep up on its next outing. Not a bad haul.

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Campsite Lighting


I love lights: tiny fairy lights wrapped around the branches of trees; tea lights like lines on highways stretching along tabletops; lit candles over lunch. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the chances of me camping with nothing more than a head torch are seriously slim.

The first time I went camping I bought lights from very serious online camping stores. They were great. But it’s all function, function, function. But I went into this camping thing with visions of a romantic kind of gypsy camp—hanging lanterns shining a cosy glow around a campfire-oasis. Distant little lights casting a bit of magic in the dark.

I can’t remember how I discovered my three large solar-powered lanterns from Ikea. Did I make a special trip just for them or were they an impulse purchase while buying a chest of drawers? Whatever happened, they are now things I would never camp without. They’re flat when they’re not hanging up, which is perfect. I went for white, but it’s up to you. Pop your tent near some trees or hook up a line of bunting, and you’re away. Or use those cute little ground hub lights (above) to light a path from the campfire to your tent. Can you imagine how beautiful that would look?


I’ve had mine for three years now. I even hang them at home when it snows because they make everything look so beautiful. My friends borrow them for their Summer garden parties. Sadly, they only seem to do them with a 30cm diameter these days. The first three I bought are around twice the size. But they have introduced other pieces that would be just as lovely, like these skinny pendant lights:


I also have a thing for eating around a table. When you’re camping with lots of people it really pulls you all together after the madness of getting kids to air-bed and eating in random spots around a campsite. It gets everyone talking and focuses them on dinner. Now I’ve never used these, but why not? Who couldn’t love a more formal table lamp appearing out of context at a campsite? Anyway, all these are from Ikea. Just so you know.