Camping Beauty: Stop The Water While Using Me!




Even before I turned 10, I remember my Grandmother telling my sister and I to turn off the tap while we were brushing our teeth. This was a trick she had learned on one of her many varied and highly adventurous travels around the world. It’s one of those pieces of wisdom that stuck with me and still to this day, I do it. Only now, I’m also trying to teach my kids to do it too. It’s important. And now, you can get these brilliant, beautiful body products to remind us all whether we’re brushing our teeth, washing our hair or cleaning our grubby bodies at the end of another great day out in the world. You know the one, the world that needs the water ….


Stop The Water While Using Me! make hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hand balm and toothpaste. All are  pure natural cosmetics without synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives. No silicon, paraffin or other mineral oil-based substances and no animal testing. Only natural essential oils in refillable bottles. They’re even practically vegan – the soaps contain honey, the only animal products used.



The citrus fruits are procured from a family business in Portugal (there’s just something so appealing about that isn’t there?!), and all the essential oils are sourced from organic sources.

Strangely though, this fabulous product range was developed in Germany of all places, where they don’t generally struggle from water shortages like Australia and other such hydration-challenged countries. Hats off to them for doing it.

Order from here. They ship internationally, but you can also check if it’s already stocked at a cool store near you here. I’ve got my eye on the travel kit to take with me on my next camping trip.


I think I’m in love…..