Camping Gear: Tents by Field Candy

fc3I’m starting to get the impression that tent designers are like comedians in real life. That is, not very funny. I mean, I get they have an important job to do. I get it, I do. They’re providing a shelter under which people expect to be about as safe and warm and comfortable as they do in a dodgy boutique hotel. They have to be spacious and fit in the boot of a Fiat Punto. And they need to be light enough to be carried the four miles from car park to pitch, where they have to be erected by a bickering couple and withstand all kinds of weather-related hell if it happens to break loose.  I told you already. I. Get. It.

What I don’t get is why they all have to be quite so darn ugly. It’s the colours. Occasionally (okay, more often than is really necessary), I take an e-tour of the latest tents, and, especially if hot on the heels of online Zara-browsing, I automatically go looking for the other colours it comes in. So far what’s on offer ranges from wimpy khaki mixed with a beigey-taupey-icky kind of colour to seasick blue and day-old oatmeal. I wont’ mention the brown ones. Is that really necessary? Do Outwell and Vango only employ pining ex-military servicemen  in their design departments? Whatever the problem, I suggest everyone quickly heads over to FieldCandy and have a look at just how cute and bright tents can be.



Fun-yet-serious, FieldCandy tents are high spec from pole to peg and made in the UK. And for a limited time, there’s free worldwide shipping on offer. Check out all the facts, figures and features here. I love them. Great imagery, vibrant colours (they come plain shades too) and they’ll put a smile on everyone’s face. Now these guys are having some fun! Which one would you choose?


Camping Gear: The Tentsile Stingray

photoSo I like tree houses. My man likes hammocks. And I’ve just found a tent we can both agree on: Tentsile’s Stingray tent. From a distance it looks like it’s floating, but it’s attached to trees by three anchor points which are ratcheted tight, after which it kind of hovers. In mid-air. It’s a portable treehouse. Or a hammock with shelter. Either way, it’s cool.

IMG_0743The Stingray can hold three adults, and is designed to stop everyone rolling together into one big heap in the middle of the night. Just think how nice it would feel, up off the ground without the cold or dampness of the ground beneath you or tree roots and rocks underfoot. And depending on where you are, it can keep you out of the way of snakes or bears. The Canadians are gonna love these! There’s a two metre ladder that clips on with a couple of caribiners. But if the ground is dry and soft, you can pitch it on the ground too.

finland sunset 3Tentsile plan on launching new models every year from now on, so stay tuned for more great ideas. Find out more here.

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