Camping Gear: The Tentsile Stingray

photoSo I like tree houses. My man likes hammocks. And I’ve just found a tent we can both agree on: Tentsile’s Stingray tent. From a distance it looks like it’s floating, but it’s attached to trees by three anchor points which are ratcheted tight, after which it kind of hovers. In mid-air. It’s a portable treehouse. Or a hammock with shelter. Either way, it’s cool.

IMG_0743The Stingray can hold three adults, and is designed to stop everyone rolling together into one big heap in the middle of the night. Just think how nice it would feel, up off the ground without the cold or dampness of the ground beneath you or tree roots and rocks underfoot. And depending on where you are, it can keep you out of the way of snakes or bears. The Canadians are gonna love these! There’s a two metre ladder that clips on with a couple of caribiners. But if the ground is dry and soft, you can pitch it on the ground too.

finland sunset 3Tentsile plan on launching new models every year from now on, so stay tuned for more great ideas. Find out more here.

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