camping tom dixon style


Camping is cool. It is. And if anyone needs any more convincing, have a quick look at top British designer Tom Dixon’s new collection¬†The Capsule¬†for Adidas. Launched at MOST in Milan back in April, this nifty little collection takes the concepts of multi-function, mobility and dynamic 21st Century living at it’s core. While basic camping equipment and clothing do offer multi-purpose gear-to-go, it all works without even the slightest nod towards any kind of style. Here Dixon has fashioned garments that convert into sleeping bags and overalls that can deconstruct to make a long coat, a short coat, trousers, a skirt or shorts. Even backpacks that become hanging wardrobes with enough clothes for a weekend. So Dixon has borrowed from the camping (and sport) world’s experience and expertise in performance, and Adidas scores Dixon’s innovative ideas and design clout. What a collaboration. The collection hits the stores in November 2013. Keep your eyes peeled.