Camp inside for a change

camp inside_1Here in London, Summer is feeling like a swiftly fading memory and with it goes my desire to be outside in a tent.

If you can’t wait until next Summer to get a tiny dose of camping in, bring the camping experience indoors! As shown here by super stylists Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin, it’s not hard to do …..

A little teepee here, a little hanging hammock-style daybed over there …..

camp inside_2Or turn your four poster into a tent bed …. Let’s just call it ‘cosy camping’!

camp inside_3


A Little Camping Inspiration


©FetePressIMG_5258-1Winter camp-outs in the UK are unthinkable to fair-weather campers like myself. I mean I can take rain, a little wind and I’ve even survived sub-zero nights on a few of my camping trips. In Australia things are never brutal enough to completely cure one of the lure of a campfire. [In fact Winter down under can be relatively similar to Summer up here… but I won’t complain after the sunny weekend London finally pulled off!!!]

Anyway, this call-of-the-campfire is beautifully brought to life by Jane Cameron in fête magazine. Once a graphic designer, Cameron left to establish her own stationary business before following her creative heart and launching her lifestyle publication in collaboration with event planner and stylist Annabelle Kerslake. They’re ideas are wonderfully inspiring, money-mindful and exquisitely executed. Enjoy their take on on a charming chilly camping trip. All recipes are in the current issue of  fête.